Do you want compelling, collaborative roleplay with a focus on storytelling and character development? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Ravenblood.

We are a small group of roleplayers, who are about creating character-driven content and collaborative story crafting, all with a tabletop RP mindset. Ravenblood is a diverse organization of like-minded individuals, who work to maintain balance and keep the Earth-Bones uncorrupted.

Learn more about Ravenblood, and how to join us.

Will you answer the call of the Ravenblood?

The Mission

Daedric machinations. Wars. Unrest. Death—those long-lived among the rest have seen it all over the many years. Some sit back and watch. Others such as Ravenblood, who come together and chose to create change, both subtle and impactful, root out sources of unwanted corruption for their own purposes. Good, evil, dark, light, all irrelevant when one hears the howls in the night, sees the flash of fangs, sounds of weapons clashing, or smells decay and death… Come heed the call. See where Ravenblood may take you.

Through an expansive cave network beneath the Reach, to the Gold Coast, the members of Ravenblood are well-positioned to deal with threats as well as unite for everyday purposes. While their relationships may seem uncommon to average Tamriel folk, the Ravenblood enjoy camaraderie, learning from each other, and finding safety amid friends in any form.

The History

Learn more about the origins of Ravenblood and how such a disparate cast of characters came together for the cause.

The People

A Hagraven, Vampires, Wyresses, Reachfolk, lycanthropes, nobles, slaves, thralls, and talented mortals? Oh my! See who leads this ambitious mission and how they’re connected.

The Places

Hundreds of years ago, Morithabd and Vinnric settled in the Reach. A place of power for Morithabd, and remote enough that unwanted visitors do not trouble them, they have turned a vast system of caves and caverns into an expansive complex where Ravenblood members can find safety amongst allies and thralls.

The Code

Code of Conduct

The Details (OOC)

Here you'll find some frequently asked questions, our application, onboarding process & other details.

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Nirn’s history is long and troubled. Fractured by war, death, magic, and daedric princes, some of whom have a relentless grip on the land and peoples beyond their own realms. Hundreds of years ago a then young Wyress, Morithabd Cathanem, saw the coming worsening troubles and corruption threatening the very Earth-Bones of Nirn through fractured visions of the future.

She grew in age and power, ceasing her mortal existence for a vampiric one, and meeting a former Breton Knight, then vampire, named Vinnric Eraude. Their lives became intertwined by love, shared existence, and what would become a common goal. Amassing power, influence, and alliances to create a united front to deal with existing and coming threats.

The alliances they created are disparate, from a Breton noble family, a Dunmer house, a Reach clan, a powerful priestess of Boethiah, and many people throughout Tamriel. Each has their own reasoning for assisting. Whether that is altruistic, just good for business, or other more personal reasons. As long as allies agreed to the shared purpose, more superficial notions of good and evil have never been a cause for concern. When the Raven, Eir, or Wolf, Skuld find those who could join the alliance, mortal or supernatural, men or mer, all are welcome.

The Story

Candlelight flickers, as Vinnric Eruade sat at his desk, quill in hand, and began to write...

I’ve lost track of how many volumes I’ve filled over the centuries, but writing is good for the soul as it were. When Mori first told me of her visions, I couldn’t have known where those discussions would lead us or the truth of what she sees.

Some days it’s the small things. Tracking down dangerous magical items lost to the ages. Other days though, like today, we got word one of our allies, Duke Sibylle, and his wife Natalie, such a kind but fierce woman. It’s good that the Duke married.

But I digress, Spriggans had shown signs of madness, and the plant life was withering and dying. Fortunately, the source of the problem was a more straightforward fix, a small coven of witches and their mad hagraven tried to alter the power from the Earth-Bones, killing a few people along the way for souls and ritual magic. A few of the lycanthropes and one of the wyresses made their way to Glenumbra to help.

It is a long way from our home beneath the Reach, or even from the Gold Coast and Shrouded Tomes, but every part of Tamriel is connected through the land, as Mori would say. A problem on the other side of the continent can’t be ignored. Although, there is no way we can get to everything.

There is a new threat brewing, something more significant than the Grey Host bastards in Skyrim or the trouble the Reach always seems to be in. There are signs that Mehrunes Dagon is stirring, which is of no great surprise. I am coming to find that one does grow bored from time to time, after all the years, and Dagon has many millennia on me.

It is time to branch out and bring others into the fold.

The Enchanted Respite

The base of Ravenblood is The Enchanted Respite, a network of underground caverns beneath the Reach that houses many of the members and trusted allies.

The Enchanted Respite consists of several player homes, linked together through doorways and in a rare couple of instances “spell portals”. All of the homes are considered open for the guild to use whenever they like.

1. Library Ravenblood

Everyone needs a proper library, or at least Vinnric thought as much many years ago when the place was excavated and reconstructed. Now it is frequented by allies and Ravenblood members.

All those that enter the cavernous hall will have access to the Grimoire, Vinnric's guide to new members and associates.

@EmpressValkyrie | Bastion Sanguinarius

2. Whitemane Wing

The ruins of a tower in the Reach are the only thing marking the seemingly hidden entryway to the tunnel and cavern complex below. After making one’s way through the rubble, a door can be found; once through and down winding stone stairs, one comes upon a sentry and a metal gate. Beyond is where potential Ravenblood members are met and made welcome. What is not readily apparent is the other exits from this underground space, a tunnel leads to a vast valley, where the Whitemane Pack makes their home, the second is a tunnel leading to the guest wing.

@Vil_Kardos | Hunter’s Glade

3. Guest Quarters

Getting to this massive cavern is easy enough, down the tunnel from the Whitemane Wing, one comes to a massive door, once open, smells of water, greenery, and cooking food is prevalent. Guests and thralls reside in this space, along with Ravenblood members who have access to rooms off the back of the complex.

@Vil_Kardos | Earthtear Cavern

4. Morithabd’s Augury

A long-forgotten ancient stone building with lofty ceilings leads to a cavern with a brilliant blue pool and verdant spaces. It is a place of power for Morithabd, and one very few see. If you happen to be invited, count yourself lucky.

@EmpressValkyrie | Potentate’s Retreat

5. Private Residence

This massive cavern should be dark and dank, but it is a font of life, filled with plants of all shapes and sizes. It is the private residence of Morithabd and Vinnric, frequented by their thralls and those trusted by the couple.

@Vil_Kardos | The Erstwhile Sanctuary

Shrouded Tomes & Treasures

Shrouded Tomes & Treasures is known for books both mundane and rare, oddities and antiquities. Beyond its humble exterior lies a more lucrative trade that appeals to trusted discerning buyers, who are seeking enchanted items, tomes on magical arts, and so much more. Over the years, Morithabd and Vinnric have amassed a sizable collection of objects, trinkets, and oddities. For them, the shop is a stepping stone to fulfilling the greater goals Ravenblood. To ensure members and allies have access to both knowledge and items with significant power while also giving them the means to grow their sphere of influence.

Hrafnvargr Bhaile

A high cliffed ravine is seemingly the only way into Hrafnvargr Bhaile, an expansive valley where the majority of the Ravenblood Clan resides. A large ritual area and longhouse are the notable features when one enters the valley, before walking to where the tents and living areas are for the clan members. It’s a harsh life, but the Ravenblood Clan are a fierce people.

@EmpressValkyrie | Moon-Sugar Meadow


Ravenblood is a mix of people, both supernatural and mortal, each with their own purpose. While members might not meet all of those below, especially not the Hagraven - as one might not survive - they are often mentioned, and some could be seen at special events, or for more perilous happenings. The same with those associated with Ravenblood, some may be seen, some not, but what’s a cause without allies?

👑 Leadership 👑

Gaelaigrsula, Cathgaidhem Hagraven

Morithabd Cathanem, Madadheachrg

Vinnric Eraude, Gulirabeg

Evalta and Valdarr Whitemane, Alphas

Chief-Sister’s Uaela & Eiaga

⚜️ Membership ⚜️

In actuality, every ally and associate of the Ravenblood is considered a member. However, because some members may have more responsibility than others, these arbitrary divisions exist only to assist newcomers.

Note: All potential members meet with a representative or leader for an introduction prior to being formally invited to Ravenblood.

📜 Representatives 📜

While not a position or title, representatives are beholden to speak to the views of their leader when absent. Leaders determine their representatives and declare them by gifting a token.

Thulgan gro-Thul represents Hagraven Sula under the tutelage of Eir.

Kellandria Brezik, represents Madadheachrg

Katarin Le Maëllereaux represents Gulirabeg

Erlindr Swift-Claw represents the Whitemane Alphas

Hunt Guardian Serenity Wolf-Sister, represents Chief-Sister Eiga

Vilkas represents Chief-Sister Uaela

Allies & Associates

Deep within the rocky wilds of the Reach is where Clan Ravenblood makes its home. They took their name from the pact they made with Madadheachrg to guard her forest. Their neighbors the Cathgaidhem Wyrd are the central force of Ravenblood’s mission to protect the Earth-Bones. Living alongside them both is the Whitemane Pack. A formidable group of lycanthropes led by Evalta and her life-mate Valdarr, the pack protects the lands of the Reach clan and serves the interests of the Ravenblood.

In High Rock, Duke Sibylle of Breizhica. The Sibylle family forged a tie long ago with Wyresses that has been rekindled with the current Duke and his stewardship of the land. Now, the Order stands ready, prepared to work hand-in-hand with the Duchess and her cohort of healers and mages whenever needed.

In Morrowind, the Ruarieth House has a long association with Vinnric Eraude, which led to a pact to assist the cause in the exchange for knowledge. With her brother in Breizhica honoring her other familial obligations to the Ravenblood, Lady Sibylle Ruarieth has also pledged to provide her support.

Bonded to the Ravenblood through a sacred blood pact, the Serpent Priestess of Boethiah has pledged to aid her blood brother, Vinnric. Her homes in Evermore and the Gold Coast, as well as her significant network of contacts and talented personnel, are much appreciated.

Code of Conduct

The will and word of Ravenblood is law
Do not harm or take which is not yours
Accept the cause and pledge to honor it always
Keep the sacred truth hidden from non-indoctrinated mortals

I am kind and respectful to my fellow RPers
I am responsible for my actions and am able to behave with integrity
I am capable and prepared to follow general RP etiquette, including keeping IC and OOC separate


LGBTQIA, Disability, and Veteran friendly
Chill vibes, RPvX content, Discord RP, and regular events
Heavy-RP, Dark Themes, Monster Friendly
Collaborative, storytelling-focused, and character-driven environment

The Process

  1. Fill out the form (Join Us button)

  2. Join the Discord server

  3. OOC chat (voice or text, your preference)

  4. Post a link to your character profile (if you have one)

  5. Complete your tailored IC Introduction

  6. Join the in-game guild


Every person that participates in roleplay has their own view of how things should work. This is our perspective.

The Ravenblood exists only because the characters cultivated the relationships needed to establish such an organization. For this reason, we don’t have divisions, levels, or ranks. Instead, we believe that each player and each character offers something unique to the group environment and dynamic. We value quality over quantity.

Characters are expected to live their own lives and participate in conversations, events, etc. that coincide with their interests while maintaining relationships with Ravenblood. Practically this means that we offer a lot of different types of roleplay from casual thrall connections to DMed combat with other guilds and we always allow characters to drive them.

We're happy to collaborate with other groups and players can feel comfortable being involved in multiple guilds.

Balance, lore, immersion, and fun are much more critical than cumbersome or inaccurate character sheet systems. Instead, when it comes to the moments where one might want to make ability checks or saving rolls, we adhere to a 1 in 3 rule. This means that for every two successful actions your character emotes, you must emote one failure.

However, for those who prefer to add more random chances to their experience, we have a Discord channel where you can make your rolls. Depending on the event, event leads may do DM rolls in a private channel.

We trust players adhere to these guidelines in keeping with the spirit of fairness and the group’s collaborative environment.

Guide to Roleplay

Coming Soon!

The Ravenblood Grimoire

A New Player's Guide


The guild housing locations are always open for RP and initiating impromptu RP is encouraged! Scheduled events are based on group availability and character interest. We hope that everyone feels comfortable to schedule and run events, but we're also here if you'd like a little help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of characters are you looking for?
At the moment we're looking for those that are open-minded to the ways of the Reach or Gold Coast. Characters interested in adventure and travel. Must be able to take direction and work with others in a non-hierarchical organization.

What type of players are you looking for?
Communicative, mature, thoughtful, roleplayers that enjoy story-crafting and trying new things.

What level of RP do you offer and expect from others?
We’re a tight-knit Heavy to Medium RP group that appreciates believability. We strive to offer a collaborative storytelling environment where character growth is central to plots. Our RP usually touches on the dark themes present in the game universe.

How important is knowledge of The Elder Scrolls lore to your setting?
Lore is important to us and we adhere to it strictly in that all of our creations fit within the current game’s universe. That said, we’ve found that most people have a good enough grasp of the basics to jump in right away, but we’re happy to help you find the right resources for specifics.

What about all these supernatural terms?
We may borrow language from other games and settings to fill in the holes in the current lore. However, we are very clear about adhering to the established lore and canon. If you have a question about Vampire or Werewolf lore in ESO, we suggest that you take a look at the guides here!

What does ‘Real Life Comes First’ mean to you?
That we trust adults to manage their own time and know when to put RP aside regardless of perceived obligations. Shit happens, but remember to be kind and respectful to others.

Why did you start your own Heavy-RP guild?
We're very collaboration-focused players that enjoy in-depth character development and watching the stories that others tell come to life. It's our hope to foster a sense of creative kinship while providing a space for growth.

Why did you create your own Clan/Coven/Organization?
We believe that we can’t control the actions of an organization that isn’t ours.

Where's your Guild lore and information for new players?
Take a look here! Let us know if you have any questions or want to see more.

What does it mean to be LGBTQIA/Disability/Veteran friendly?
The guild organizers come from diverse, intersectional backgrounds. We are intimately familiar with the needs and unique circumstances of gamers that are LGBTQIA, Disabled, and members of the Armed Services. You'd be surprised how often these groups intersect! More specifically, it's our hope that you'll feel empowered to speak with us about how to make a better RP experience for you.